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Our Story and Family


Daniel’s Kitchen was founded in 2013 to provide healthy meals free of charge to those in need. A delicious and free vegetarian or vegan meal was served monthly at the Cedar Lake Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School for two years. In order to widen its reach, Daniel’s Kitchen soon expanded to become a community dinner. With an eye to a larger mission, Daniel’s Kitchen then paused to re-tool. The Second Mile Thrift Shop in Edmore, Michigan, purchased an adjacent building that Daniel’s Kitchen now considers their permanent home. Daniel’s Kitchen’s new location opened in 2019 as a  simple soup/salad/sandwich bar deli in downtown Edmore, Michigan. Through it’s pay-what-you-will model, Daniel’s Kitchen still fulfils its original purpose of providing delicious meals free of charge to those in need, while allowing those who can to help provide those free lunches.

Our Sponsors and Board


Daniel’s Kitchen is an independent ministry of and operates under the 501(c)3 status of, the Cedar Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church. It would be challenging to mention all the organizations that have assisted in funding the start-up and ongoing work of Daniel’s Kitchen. Although not all official “sponsors,” some of the most notable contributors have been:

  • Second Mile Thrift Shop, for funding the purchase of our building, providing it rent-free, and contributing significantly to the initial renovation costs
  • The Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, for funding student labor during the 2019-2020 school year and hopefully beyond. Also, the Michigan Advance Program, for their $10,000 contribution which funded the ventless system housing our oven and stove.
  • AGA Marvel, our induction top stove and oven unit.
  • Halsey Family
  • Rogers Natural Foods
  • Good News Farms
  • Backwoods Sugar Shack-Maple Syrup
  • Home Grown Industries
  • Monroe Family Organic Farms
  • Edmore Lion’s Club
  • Cedar Lake Elementary School

Our Board

Our Board of Directors includes:

Board Chair: Cari Haus

Board Members: Margie Conner, Todd Gardner, Cindy Hall, Josh Hunt, Ivelisse Marihugh, Mona Nesson, Cindy Peterson

Our Chef

Lori Jones

Lori Jones started her restaurant career as the owner of Morning Lori Diner & Bakery in Stanton, Michigan. Lori, who is passionate about healthy cooking and serving people in need, is pouring her culinary talents into the delicious but healthier options served up at Daniel’s Kitchen.

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